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Parish Plan

The Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, Sue Hardacre, has resigned. The resignation follows concerns that were raised by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group about the conduct of an Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held in December to consider the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Group felt that they had been subject to a level of criticism that was inappropriate and hurtful in such a public setting.

Sue said, "The Steering Group consists of a small number of volunteers who have been willing to work extremely hard to produce this most important document that will help define the development of the village in the years to come. As the Chair of the meeting I obviously failed to maintain a level of discourse that was positive. As the Neighbourhood Plan is so important and can only be completed by the current group, I felt that progress to a good conclusion would be better served without my presence on the Parish Council".

The offer was made to Sue to reconsider and to return as a co-opted member but, after a period of reflection, she decided to let the resignation stand.

The resignation leaves two unfilled places on the Parish Council. With so much interest in and concern about the future of the village it is hoped that these places will be filled as soon as possible. For details of how to become a Parish Councillor, contact Parish Clerk Mike Hassall om 01829 741075

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