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Response to Local Mobile Issues Article Published Yesterday

20th November 2019 @ 6:06am – by Kelvin Oliver
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Thanks to John Sears for the update on the recent Vodafone/O2 network outage, and the published reply to Antoinette's letter.

Just contaced O2 via live chat and they have refunded a month's fee each to my wife and myself. The live chat contact couldn't see the correspondence on his internal systems but I was able to read it on the TarvinOnline website!

Some other responses from our TOL Facebook Page -

Tina Hignett They offered me £8.00 and said they normally dont give it out for network problems and this was a goodwill gesture ..some say it wasnt enough?

Sarah E Hnsn I was given £15 for loss of service and loss of business and total disregard of the situation.

Rob Burrell Same here, £15 from Vodafone. Crap service really as they gave no updates during the outage.

Jo Williams I got a months credit back too. I'm with O2... they offered me £10 initially which I said was not enough for over 3 weeks without service. ...so persevere.

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