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Security Upgrade at the Community Centre

28th November 2018 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Community Centre
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The Community centre has completed an upgrade of the building security and has installed a CCTV system. Six cameras have been placed so that an eye can be kept on both the foyer and the Car Park.

Chair Alan Wilkinson said "There was some discussion in the Committee abut the validity of purchasing this system. Overall the Community Centre has not been badly affected by vandalism in recent times, though the occasional incursion of youngsters who like to run around the flat roof is a bit of a worry. However, with enough funds available, it was felt that the investment would be a sensible deterrent to anyone who might choose to do some mischief."

The Committee would like to emphasise that there are no cameras in any of the four public areas, Main Hall, Edna Rose Room, Small Room and Lounge, so all activities can take place in the knowledge that privacy is guaranteed. Access to the system is limited to the Chairman and the Secretary.

Some anti-climb paint has been applied to certain areas to further deter anyone accessing the roof and the large rubbish containers will be held in a locked area, thus removing them as potential 'ladders."

Incidents in the past have usually been ascribed to bravado or misplaced foolishness rather than malicious behaviour, and the Committee is confident that the Community Centre will be able to remain proudly at the centre of village life for many years to come.

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