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Seed Gathering Season

24th September 2017 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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One of the joys of living in Tarvin and taking my dogs out is to walk to the village through the Woodland Walk. We all love trees and the variety we have in the Woodland is thanks to the team who look after it for us all. I don't quite hug the trees but I can see why some people feel so well connected to trees. My dogs have a similar relationship!
Whenever a subject interests me I cannot resist some internet surfing to find out more and I always get surprised about what you find.

Since 1998, The Tree Council has been organising Seed Gathering Season, the autumn campaign to inspire everyone to gather seeds, fruits and nuts and grow the trees of the future. The festival starts each year on the 23rd September (the autumn equinox, considered to be the first day of autumn) and continues until the 23rd October.

At a time when trees are also being ravaged by newly imported pests and diseases, one important factor for the survival of some species is going to be diversity of stock and the way forward is going to be trees grown from local seed, on home soil. Growing seeds from healthy UK trees is probably one of the best ways of taking out insurance that there will be strong saplings to plant where the gaps appear. Growing trees from local seed can have great benefits in restocking areas with appropriate trees.
Collecting seeds and growing trees is also a great way to get children involved and start growing the next generation of tree enthusiasts.
Now before the Woodland Trust team get apoplexy that I am suggesting we all sow seeds in the Woodland do find other places that are suitable.
You can also findmore information here.

Of course, some of the seeds you can gather at this time of year are excellent for tasty treats. Why not try one of the recipes on the Hedgerow Harvest website.
If you are planning to collect fruit and seeds to eat, here are some tips:

Fruit is the property of the landowner.
Don't collect anything from trees beside busy roads or on old industrial sites.
Don't allow unsupervised children to pick – or eat – from trees and make sure
you know exactly what you are picking: some of the most attractive berries
are poisonous and easily mistaken for edible ones.
Wherever you gather your wild food, wash it well.
Don't pick more than you need and do not damage the trees.

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