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28th August 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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August is often a quiet month for the Tarvin Online inbox but lately, it has been even quieter than usual.

We're on the lookout for local news from as wide a variety of contributors as possible. Whether you are nine years old or ninety-nine, if you, or someone you know has something you would like others in the village to know about, send something in! 200 words is ideal but 100 or 300, we really don't mind.

Please send images – ideally in landscape format and JPG is best, and ideally, have the person involved pictured in one of the images (remember that if it's blurry on your phone it will look even more blurred on the website)

Some suggestions (Not an exhaustive list)

  • Births, marriages and sadder occasions
  • Achievements
  • Charity challenges (don't forget the link to your fundraising page)
  • Village events (We will add to the events calendar. Happy to promote events and publish articles afterwards)
  • Safety warnings, environmental concerns (e.g fracking) vandalism or random acts of kindness.
  • County council decisions and actions – or inaction.
  • Local businesses – we promote local businesses for free on our directory and if you have a good story of how you started out, it makes a great story and might inspire someone to start up themselves.
  • Local business general interest (e.g.ifyou'rea hairdresser, tell us how to look after ourhairin the hot summer / cold weather)
  • Job advertisements
  • Recipies (especially those that make your money go further)
  • Help needed
  • Clubs and societies (we must have more clubs in Tarvin that we don't yet know about. Are you starting one?)
  • Wildlife you have seen in your garden or have saved and how to care for and safeguard nature or our environment.
  • Gardening tips (What grows well in Tarvin gardens and what is more of a challenge?)
  • A gallery of Tarvin Photos (Nature, buildings, people or pets – stories of old tarvin are always welcome

We look forward to hearing from you!

Editor's Note:
Some important things to know about Tarvin Online that we must point out to our readers and contributors:

  • TOL is basically an online village noticeboard and free newspaper.
  • TOL is NOT a mouthpiece for the Parish council, nor are we a conduit for requests or complaints to the PC. Like other tarvin groups, we apply for an annual PC grant which pays for the web hosting and technical support. TOL is independent of the PC
  • We are not affiliated to the Tarvin Woodland Group or any other Tarvin organisation.

We will forward any messages intended for these groups to the people concerned wherever we can, please check out the directory pages for contact names.

  • We publish what people send us – almost verbatim. We try to check for grammatical errors and occasionally we edit down longer articles but if there is a factual error in a contributors copy we are not responsible for this error. If you have dates and instructions, please check that these are complete and correct
  • We are on the lookout for a third volunteer editor. Publishing an article a day plus keeping the calendar and directories up to date is tough for just 2 editors, especially if one of s is ill / away.

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