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Should I go to A and E?

1st May 2020 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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broken wrist

We recently published an article, April 29th, about the concern that doctors have that people are very reluctant to approach the NHS because of their fears about Covid-19. Such concerns are understandable but not seeking help and advice can also have consequences.

Tarvin Online has spoken to a local resident who had to face this choice recently.

"On an early morning walk through the Woodland I encountered a hazard that has been missing in recent weeks, my foot slipped on a patch of mud and I fell heavily and painfully onto my left wrist. I strapped the wrist up at home and thought the problem was contained. A couple of painkillers later I realised I might be wrong and that the damage was more acute. A call to 111 confirmed my suspicions and a trip to A and E was recommended.

The Countess of Chester, like all hospitals at the moment, has a separate non-Covid-19 entrance and only the patient is allowed in. I was given a mask and the nurses asked about any respiratory symptoms. The waiting area was marked out to maintain a good distance between people but there was only one other person there. I had an X-ray, a minor fracture was confirmed, and appropriate dressing applied.

From being taken to the hospital by car to getting a taxi home the whole visit took just an hour.

I am a cautious person, self-isolating with a vulnerable husband, so I was naturally somewhat apprehensive about going to the hospital, but I am quite confident that I was safely looked after and that the staff took every precaution to keep me, and themselves, safe. I am also delighted to say that there are now no parking charges at the hospital, a small bonus in a difficult time".

Doctors continue to urge people not to ignore any symptoms that might need treatment. Ring your GP or NHS 111 and take appropriate action. Covid-19 is not the only health concern now and delays can have unwanted consequences.

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