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Part of the fun of going out for a walk in the countryside is being able to find out more about the things that we see. It is good to discover, or to be reminded of things, about our surroundings and the plants and animals that occupy them. With that in mind, Community Woodland Trustees have commissioned and installed a set of notice boards at various points in the woodland, corresponding to items of interest. As yet, it might just be their novelty value but, at present, Tarvin folk can be seen gazing at the boards and pointing at things!

Woodland Signage
Woodland Signage (4)
Woodland Signage (3)
Woodland Signage (2)
Woodland Signage (1)

The boards are of A4 size and hold a single sheet of information about an object of interest — a tree, some blossom, feeding birds, wild flowers, etc., in order to tell everyone a bit more about the things at which they are looking. We hope that children will find them fascinating and that even adults will enjoy being reminded of snippets of long-forgotten information! The beauty of boards such as these is that the content sheets are quite inexpensive to produce and the boards can be moved from place to place as necessary. Thus we should be able to follow the seasonal changes within the woodland effectively, pointing out interesting things as they occur.

Ten boards have been made for us by Derek Rawden, a man whose craftsmanship is evident to anyone looking closely at the boards. The time that he has invested in making them has been considerable and, on behalf of all the Tarvin folk who enjoy reading the signs, we are immensely grateful to Derek. Our hope is that, as the scheme gets going properly, he might make some more for us, so that we are better able to anticipate and reflect the marvellous changes that occur throughout the year.

Do let us know what you think of them and, especially, how you think that they can be improved. The more people enjoy their walk through the woodland, the happier we are!

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