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Site for Travellers-issue is still with us

27th August 2019 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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gypsy site

Since CWaC dropped its proposal to identify a site for travellers in Tarvin, the PC has been monitoring the situation, because it is clear the issue has not gone away.
The PC now understands that on 9 October the CWaC Cabinet will receive a Traveller Development Plan (TDP) report. This report will be issued as a public document on or around 2 October. The PC has asked Borough Cllrs Leather and Tonge if they can get a copy of the report earlier.
The PC is also asking CWaC to confirm that all the rules, particularly regarding public consultation, are being followed. The PC will send the Cabinet members the comments it made last time the issue was live. The PC will also tell the Tarvin Residents Group what action it is planning.
It must be stressed that the PC has no idea what the TDP will say, and so does not know if any site in Tarvin is likely to be identified, but it must be prepared so is taking the steps outlined above.

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