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Small Rate Increase in Community Centre Charges

16th February 2017 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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At their Committee meeting on Tuesday (Feb 7th) the Community Centre Committee agreed to raise their hiring charges by 1.6%, in line with the consumer price index. This follows their standard practice of raising the charges by a small regular amount.

The Committee also held another regular event – the discussion about whether the hire charges should be rounded to the nearest pound, fifty pence or ten pence. The room rates have a mathematical relationship with one another, i.e. the Hall is 25% the rate of the Edna Rose Room and Lounge, the Small Room is 25% less. Over time, rounding up or down would change this relationship so the Committee decided to keep the very precise amounts. The clinching argument was that no one could quote an incident where a booking was lost because the charge was £13.01 and not just £13.00. So the rather idiosyncratic booking charges will apply for another year, and no doubt the same arguments will be held in February 2018!

The new charges will apply on all bookings after April 1st 2017

Ed: Click on table to enlarge and see details.

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