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Stay at Home (3)

One way to get the message across was on the road side of the A54 at Holme Street.

Maybe others can do this around the village?

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Red Hawthorn Single Tree (1)
Thu 21 May 6:00am  |  hits: 242

There were many discoveries in store for us when, over 40 years ago and in the depths of winter, we moved to Tarvin. Everything was new and we were able (with, as it were, new eyes) to watch the village go through its seasonal evolution: winter becoming spring and then moving into summer. In the spring, it was a joy to see buds beginning to break and, not long thereafter, hedgerows along lanes...

Plant Sale 2
Wed 20 May 6:00am  |  hits: 242

When we realised that we would be unable to hold the Woodland's fundraising Plant Sale on the front of the Chapel in the High Street this year, we pondered how we might manage to sell the already-purchased plants and prevent our major fund-raiser becoming a very significant loss-maker. Indeed, a great deal of work had already been put into the event and we did not want it all to come to...

Tarvin tennis club
Sun 17 May 6:00am  |  hits: 217

On Wednesday, 13 May, Tarvin Tennis Club reopened with members able to play on a restricted basis whilst following strict Government guidelines.With the weather having been so good over the lockdown period it has been frustrating that we have been unable to play tennis. However, we hope that now we have resumed we will be able to continue to play through the Summer. All members have been...