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Superfast Broadband is Here!

27th June 2014 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Our recent articleregarding the Superfast Broadband roll out resulted in a number of residents had confirmed that they had received a promise of fibre broadband from their internet providers.

Yesterday, a Broomheath resident had fibre broadband installed by BT, congratulations as you are the first person in Tarvin to get it!

What's more he can confirm that "superfast" really is "superfast" as his download speed was 6.83Mbps before the up-grade and 75.1Mbps after the up-grade, a 12 fold increase in download speeds. Likewise his upload speeds went from 10.38Mbps to 13.1Mbps which is not as big an increase and it confirms the limitations of copper wires in upload mode

Anyway one very satisfied customer, are there any others out there?

Ed:" Good news, so come and see us at Tarvin Fete which will include a display on the Superfast Broadband roll-out"

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