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Cheshire Police want to know what you think are the most important issues in your area and have created a simple system so that you can talk to them directly via the internet. Many people grumble, sometimes very intemperately, about what is happening in their village and feel they have no say in what happens. If you have a computer, tablet or mobile phone you can start to change that.

Go to

From the menu bar choose Local Policing and then click on Chester.

On the next page scroll down slightly to the map and click on either the large rural area or the Chester Rural and Frodsham tag alongside

You will find a whole raft of information about policing priorities including a section called "You Said — We Did". This gives you a chance to see the response that the local team made to specific requests and concerns.

At the bottom of this page you are invited to submit your priorities together with your name and contact details.

One of the first things that will strike you is how common are the complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) throughout the area. If you click onto the various parish options offered, you will realise that Tarvin is no better and possibly no worse than many other places. You may not always we happy about the police response, usually talking to and warning the perpetrators is the chosen option together with on-going of monitoring the situations. Nowhere is there any evidence that 'teenage thugs' have been flung into jail and the keys thrown away.

The question of what sanctions should apply for petty vandalism is very emotive and can divide communities. An unpleasant verbal encounter with a mouthy group of young people can be unsettling and constantly picking up plastic bottles and polystyrene food containers is depressing. There is also the concern that, if push comes to shove — they push, you shove — there will be accusations of assault quickly made which will leave you in trouble. But by never challenging bad behaviour the consequences of that behaviour are rarely felt.

By using the method outlined above however you can make your concerns known to the authorities who can patrol, cajole, persuade and ultimately punish wrongdoers. Being a pain in the backside does seem to be a rite of passage for a number of young people who, nevertheless, grow up to be responsible citizens. Who then no doubt will complain about the dreadful behaviour of teenagers in their turn too.

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Tarvin village
  • Lorna Stott

    Another difficult and emotive issue I find annoying, is parking on pavements. So difficult as a pedestrian, and dangerous to walk into the road. Luckily I do not have to walk with young children, or with a walking frame, but I am not as quick witted as I was, for stepping out.

  • Sue Hardacre

    I gave this a try and had an email response — from a person — within 24 hours. I went back with a supplementary question and that was answered within the day. So a good way of making your concerns known, though there is no guarantee you will like the response! But a dialogue is always a better way of dealing with issues than fuming impotently.