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There are of course few justifications to leave the environs of Tarvin, but for many of us I guess work is one of them. The 0735 train to London Euston is a regular, pretty much weekly, travel mode, teleporting me a good way to take part in the working world that is EC3.

happy boy

Car parked, mobile phone and car park location number wrestled with to execute the new easier cashless payment system(?) I head for platform 4. No time for Brief Encounter role play, despite the heavy mist, but I do find 2 x £10 notes on the platform which creates a level of moral excitement not usually experienced at such an early hour. Coach H today, and with it an (erroneous as it happens) anticipation that this may be the carriage where the lower class of traveller gets free wifi hanging on the virtual coat tails of them in 1st Class. The crisp tenners are reunited, via the train manager's tannoy announcement, with their rightful owner. The fellow passenger beside me tells me how he once found a wallet with £4k in it and was royally rewarded with a 10% finders fee!

At such information I shuffle excitedly in my seat and, unexpectedly and kindly am indeed rewarded as the train manager returns and passes me a brown paper bag accompanied by his thanks. A 'bung' perhaps? Well, a cup of tea- at least a healthier distraction from the Americano and flapjack that is my usual cholesterol raising preference. I settle to observe my fellow passengers; trying to shut out the continuous whittle of the work delegation behind me who must be on a sponsored talk; and watching out of the corner of my eye the battle for table real estate that is playing out between the lady using her laptop as a dressing table and the chap carbon dating himself as he writes copious minutes in long-hand.

Tarvin and home is now a long way away and home to be reunited some 3 days hence.

Ed:" Those of us who have retired can only wonder at how you survive!"

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