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Tarvin Cubs First Camp

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Last weekend,1st week of May,1st Tarvin Cubs celebrated their first camp since they re-formed two years ago!

It took a lot of fund raising to buy the equipment we needed but we were finally able to raise our camp banner (see picture) to resounding cheers from all.

The weather wasn't as kind as it is now but that didn't stop us from having a great time. In the next picture you can see the cubs enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a sing-a-long round the camp fire on Saturday night before snuggling into their sleeping bags.

Over the weekend we did some pioneering, fire lighting, backwoods cooking and went on a long hike. And of course, we played lots of wild games.


We couldn't have done it without our fabulous parents who helped transport all the equipment, put up tents, made cakes and cooked some yummy meals (Mary Gaskath's spag bol is now a 1st Tarvin legend!).

There'll be no stopping us now that we've got camping off the ground.

We hope to do two Cub camps a year and the Beavers will be having their first sleepover in the Methodist chapel in June.