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When buying fish and chips or curry and rice have you ever wondered about the building you are standing in?

There is a date stone on the gable end, which, until about 3 years ago was just readable and said I. SADLER 1753.

It was one of the village's 3 public houses, known as The Bull's Head! In 1828 it had Mary Pigot as landlady and in 1864 Charles Pigot (presumably her son) took over. It had ceased trading by 1890.

There was then a refreshment room on the premises run by Mrs. Bull- whilst in the yard behind "Teddy" Bull sold frozen mutton.

The Cross

In the 1901 census the building became very cosmopolitan. Annie Edwards aged 30 was head of the household and came from the Paddington area of London. She had lodgers- Zaccheus Woodfin from Saughall who became well known in Tarvin and is referred to in a previous article.
Also lodging were, a 29 year old lady Mabel Terry nee Partato from Truro in Cornwall who was a Theatrical manageress. Perhaps maiden names were put in a different way in 1901 as she appears to be married to an Italian subject called Charles Edward Partato- also a theatrical manager. They have a 1 year old son, Edward Terry Partato who had been born in Mexborough Yorkshire but was also an Italian subject.

The Cross

There are very large gaps in this brief history of a Tarvin building. Perhaps some readers can update the happenings at the shop between 1901 and the present day. I do recall a Launderette at the side of the building, probably in the 1970's.

(Ed. Fascinating history and photos-click to enlarge)

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  • Sheila edwards

    Yes my sister and brother in law Bob and Brenda Sawyer who owned the chip shop at the time opened the launderette on the far end of the building.

  • J A Chrimes

    The shop at the side was a barbers then launderette run by my sister and brother in law B Sawyer as was the chipshop it was then car parts shop run by Digby Humphreys. there were stables at the rear for resting coach horses. chipshop was run by Mr Mrs dodd then Mr Mrs sawyer

  • Caroline Pattinson

    What a lovely history and photographs. Really brings the history to life. I shall look at this part of the village in a new light!

  • pat jackson

    it was a chip shop when I was a little girl in the early 1950s,the door was at the side
    then , my gran lived not far away near the church , I remember the laundry been near there at a lot later date.

  • Jude Dodd

    It was actually my husband's grandmother who first started the chip shop — Annie Wilkinson; she moved with her daughters, Olive and Maureen (later to marry and become Mrs Alec Dodd) from Liverpool in 1940 and needing something to do, decided to open a chippy! The people of Tarvin had to vote for it in order for Annie to get a licence to operate, but also so she could get a ration of fat for frying! It was a success from night 1! Annie eventually left Alec and Maureen running it before selling it to Bob Sawyer!

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