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20th February 2018 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin History Group
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There is nothing very historic in this article but it may set minds thinking. Recently I have seen 2 newspaper articles referring to street names. One was printed for Valentine's day and stated that we have more romantic names in the North West than in any other area and the second had the title "Do rude street names affect house prices" – it would appear that they do. Many of these so called rude names were not rude when the name was given but examples of how the use of a word can change e.g. gay.

These articles started me thinking of names in our village. Many are self explanatory but others I wonder about. Perhaps someone can help. Various names have been used as a way of remembering people who have been influential in Tarvin. These include, Woodward, Arden, Moreton and Radcliffe as well as Langford and Forge way and The Ridgeway (although the spelling was altered)

Several names refer to the local area, e.g. Gowy Crescent, Andrew's Close and The Bruen. Poplar Cottage, on Tarporley Road was originally Pitts Cottage but changed its name when Pitt's Close was built. The name was from a nearby marl pit where passing steam rollers and traction engines took their water.

The old field names are much in evidence in Crossfields, Townfield Lane and others. Deansway and Deans Close have me wondering if the builder was called Mr. Dean. Platts Lane in Tarvin does lead to Platts Lane in Stapleford but via Hockenhull Lane. Rather strange. In the 1960's when Hunters Drive and Hunters Crescent were built the development was called Hunters Park and advertised houses with central heating from £3, 450 ( yes that was the cost, this is not a misprint! )

Austins Hill does not seem to have an obvious explanation. Broomheath Lane is odd in that Brownheath Farm is situated was at its Tarvin end. The lane was the direct route to Waverton before the bypass was built and Waverton has a Brownheath area

On the newer estates there is Brereton (Sir William was executed for adultery with Anne Boleyn), Fairfax was commander in chief for Cromwell's New Model Army. There is also a Gibson Close. There were Gibsons who lived locally, he was joint discoverer of polythene at I.C.I. and she was W.I. correspondent on Cheshire Life. In 1981 there was a Leslie Gibson Essay competition named after her, held at Tarvin school. This was a Tarvin Civic Trust initiative and they judged it. That year 50 pupils from all age ranges entered and the theme was "Attractive Landmarks in Tarvin" The winner was 10year old Ian Larkins who wrote about Laburnum Cottage and the runner up, also 10 was Joanne Wraith.

Perhaps it is as well that we have our quota of houses for the time being or we may have had more recent Chairmen of the Parish Council being honoured with Lush Lane, Cotgreave Close or Plenderleath Place. Somehow I don't think they would thank us for that.

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