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Duddon Post Office Jan 1993 Scan_20190307 (5)

Stretching Tarvin History just a little, we publish a photograph from January 1993, showing Duddon Post Office and just beyond it the Headless Women pub.

The article it was taken from was, like our series of Tarvin History Revealed, intended to evoke, and share, the recollections of local residents. Its not known if anyone responded to the 1993 newspaper article but it would be great to hear if anyone has any special memories of these two buildings that no longer exist.

Ed: Click on the photograph to see the bigger version.

Ed: Below a couple of memories that were shared on the TOL Facebook page:

Suzanne Crabbe: Went in Duddon post office and the headless women....remember Vera the landlady how quickly times can change, both gone now 😢

Karolyn Spencer: My mum and dad used to own the Post Office in the early 80's and we lived there about 6 years from what I remember. I also have fond memories of Vera that ran the Headless Woman pub '

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