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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers Week 148

17th September 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers for Saturday 17th September

1 Which country invaded the Falkland Islands in April 1982?

2 The Madison and the Keirin are events in which sport?

3 Lincoln is the capital of which US state?

4 Which of Shakespeare's plays is referred to as "the Scottish Play", as it is said to be bad luck to name it?

5 Who played Obi-wan Kenobi in the original "Star Wars" films?

The Questions and Answers for Saturday 10th September

1 In the USA what is the NRA?
National Rifle Association

2 What is the name of the UK Prime Minister's official country residence?

3 Pre-decimalisation, how many old pennies were there in a pound?

4 In which book is a game of croquet played using hedgehogs as balls and flamingos as mallets?
'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'

5 In the UK on what date does the grouse-shooting season begin?
12 August

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