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Tarvin Village Fete - Postponed
13th June 2020 12:00pm
George V Playing Field
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Tarvin Parish Council Meeting
22nd June 2020 7:15pm
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Tarvin Parish Council Meeting
27th July 2020 7:15pm
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Tarvin Parish Council Meeting
24th August 2020 7:15pm

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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers for Saturday 22nd February

The Tate Gallery has outposts in Liverpool and which Cornish town?

What kind of nuts are used in a traditional pesto sauce?

Who is the current President of France?

Which country's national flag features a stylized red maple leaf?

Arlene Foster is leader of which Northern Irish political party?



The Questions and Answers for Saturday15th February

Which 1992 film starred Daniel Day-Lewis as Hawkeye? "The Last of the Mohicans"

Which Hollywood actress owns the "wellness" company and website Goop? Gwyneth Paltrow

In which US city is the baseball team the Red Sox based? Boston

In which European city is the Mauritshuis art gallery? The Hague

Where in London would you find the tomb of Karl Marx? Highgate Cemetery

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footpath, sign
Mon 25 May 6:00am  |  hits: 359

The Parish Council meeting held on Monday 18th May considered the following report from a local resident:"Because of "lockdown" and the warm and dry April I have walked -- in most cases for the first time -- every footpath in the pre-2015 Parish of Tarvin. I thought it might be useful to set out the problems which I noted while they are fresh in my mind so you can circulate this...

Waste Disposal Site in Chester
Sat 23 May 6:00am  |  hits: 286

Residents were reminded to only visit if absolutely necessary and consider how essential their trip is before setting off. The recycling centres are for the use of Cheshire West and Chester residents only.Northwich, Neston, Ellesmere Port, Winsford and Chester HWRCs After two weeks each of the sites has been reviewed and will be returning to normal operating hours, days and traffic...

Red Hawthorn Single Tree (1)
Thu 21 May 6:00am  |  hits: 283

There were many discoveries in store for us when, over 40 years ago and in the depths of winter, we moved to Tarvin. Everything was new and we were able (with, as it were, new eyes) to watch the village go through its seasonal evolution: winter becoming spring and then moving into summer. In the spring, it was a joy to see buds beginning to break and, not long thereafter, hedgerows along lanes...