Tarvin Imp Brainteasers Week 155

5th November 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers for Saturday 5th November

1 Which part of Ukraine was invaded and annexed by Russia in 2014?

2 By what name was the sport of artistic swimming formerly known?

3 Who was the lead singer of the band Pulp?

4 Which of Shakespeare's plays features the characters Olivia and Malvolio?

5 Who directed the 1962 film "Lawrence of Arabia"?

The Questions and Answers for Saturday 29th October

1. Which US city is the birthplace of the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa? – Philadelphia

2. What was former Spice Girl Mel B's surname? – Brown

3. What is said to be the British Museum's most-visited object? – The Rosetta Stone

4. Who wrote the novel "The Handmaid's Tale"? Margaret Atwood

5. What 4-letter word can be a government bond or a female pig? Gilt

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