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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers Week 191

15th July 2023 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers for Saturday 15th July 2023

1 What links a pub near Tarvin with Chelsea football Club?

2 Which Scottish singer sang "If you get it wrong, you get it right next time"?

3 Which author invented the fictional communities of Rivendell and Hobbiton?

4 What popular Italian pasta dish is basically bacon and eggs with spaghetti, often with cheese?

5 Who was the winner of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest?

The Questions and Answers for Saturday 8th July 2023

1 In which month are men encouraged to grow a moustache for charity? November (Movember)

2 Which astronomer discovered the planet Uranus? William Herschel

3 Which company currently holds the West Coast Main Line rail franchise? Avanti

4 Who is the patron saint of music? St Cecelia

5 Which writer created the characters Jeeves and Wooster? PG Wodehouse

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