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Tarvin Imp Brainteasers for Saturday 23rd May

Which Italian city is famous for sports cars and balsamic vinegar?

The Yeo Valley dairy company is based in which county?

What do the initials RA after an artist's name stand for?

The former public holiday known as Oak Apple Day commemorated which king?

Who became Home Secretary in 2019?


The Questions and Answers for Saturday 16th May

In which language do you say arrivederci for goodbye? Italian

What kind of vehicles compete in Formula E? Electric racing cars

Sylvester Stallone has played boxer Rocky Balboa in how many films? 8

Which 1859 battle has given its name to a purplish-red colour? Magenta

Which Sunday newspaper is part of the Guardian Media Gtroup? The Observer

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Wed 16 Sep 6:00am  |  hits: 1,286

We have become aware that a number of residents have raised concerns with both the Parish Council and CWAC concerning the development activity on the field shown in the photo.Planning permission was granted under Planning Application 19/01028 /FUL 19/01028/FUL for the land At Tarporley Road Tarvin. The application is in the public record on the CWAC Planning Site for viewing...

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We have been informed that CWaC were refused entry on Friday 18th, following contact from Tarvin Parish Council, to this development site and as the photo shows a van is now parked behind gates.Site development in accordance with Planning Consents is part of CWaC's...

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" Tarvinonline has recently published articles on the community clear-up scheduled for 09:30 on Saturday 19th September in both Tarvin and Oscroft. One of the new causes of litter are used face masks being thrown away. It has been estimated that 50% of the litter on Tarporley road are face masks. Please don't throw them on the ground use the litter bins around the parish...