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Tarvin Primary School Funding Request

26th July 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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The Governors of Tarvin Primary School have sent an open letter to Tarvin Parish Council seeking funding for a school project and have asked that TarvinOnline publish it to ensure that the parish residents are made aware of the project and the funding requested.

Open Letter to Tarvin Parish Council

Dear Councillors

On behalf of Tarvin Primary School the School Governors would like to offer the Councillors ofTarvin Parish Council an opportunity to provide funding to the school as they look to purchase new equipment for a much-needed project. As the school and the PTA are ineligible to apply for a donation from the Parish Council's annual 'Grants to Local Organisations' scheme it is hoped that Councillors will welcome the chance to support the school financially, as they did when they bought two new smart screens in 2016.

As I am sure Councillors are aware the COVID epidemic has had a substantial impact on the education of our children. Whilst Tarvin school, like so many others nationally, worked hard to provide an education to all pupils, both online and in limited numbers in person throughout the periods of disruption enforced by COVID, it is imperative that the children continue to 'catch up' in their learning. In a bid to do all that is possible for the pupils the school is to be set up with two smaller classes throughout the junior year groups in 2022-23. In addition, the teachers are to continue to teach the children in smaller groups both inside the classrooms and outside in the school's external environment, when the weather permits. Due to the deterioration of the older timber tables & bench seats the school is now greatly in need of new outdoor workstations and would be extremely appreciative of support to enable them to be purchased.

Following a successful application to the Cheshire West and Chester Councillors Members Budget in 2021, Councillors Harry Tonge & John Leather have both donated £650 from their members allocation for the purchase of new picnic style tables. Note our application for that funding needed to meet with CWAC's strict requirements whereby they ensure any financial awards are spent in the best interest of the local community. In this instance, the school is currently educating 274 children from Tarvin and the immediate surrounding area and is central to village life. The five new tables purchased are completely sustainable having been entirely manufactured from recycled plastic and will last for a substantial number of years, far in excess of the timber tables they are replacing. Due to their scale the benches are perfect for use by our older children. However, the school is also in need of some tables which can be used by their younger junior and infant children and the same number of benches has been competitively budgeted at £1,245 plus VAT*. As a result, the Governors were hoping that the Parish Councillors would be able to allocate that sum from the Parish Council's held cash reserves, whether accumulated from their annual precepts or from funding allocations such as the New Homes Bonus.

The Governors of Tarvin Primary School would greatly appreciate the consideration of this request by the Parish Councillors in these financially difficult times. Should any further information be required by Councillors to assist in their decision-making process please do not hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards

The Governors of Tarvin Primary School

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