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Tarvin Village Quiz 2020 – Results from Round 1

12th January 2020 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Friday 10th January saw the welcome continuation of the Tarvin Village Quiz for the 38th Year and held each January since its inception in 1982 with 16 teams taking part this year. It is open to village organisations , families and friends within Tarvin and outlying villages. Entrance fee was £6 per team and entrance to the quiz evening was £2 with team members admitted free. The original 1982 shield awarded to the winners to hold for one year is full of the winners names and now we compete for the Eric Plenderleath Silver Plate.

Teams of four competed on the stage of the Community Centre with two teams at a time sat at separate tables with the question master, scorer and time keeper between.This year the new faces were Ellie Jones as timekeeper with scoring duties split between David Heath and Jane Armstrong.
Once again Stuart McNeil was in charge of proceedings

Each inter team quiz lasted about 20 minutes and comprised 3 rounds.
Round 1 was 4 questions to each team in order, with 2 points for a correct answer and if incorrect it was offered to their opponents for 1 point if correct. Round 2 was a quick fire round with up to 12 questions available within a minute.
Round 3 was similar to round 1 but had six questions to each team in total.

Results from Round 1 are:

Committer Spouse (6) vs St Andrews ( 29)
Deansway Crescent (30) vs Tarvin Meeting Point (25)
Hashtag TPS (11) vs Ashton Hayes and Tarvin Flower Club (31)
The Red Lion (22) vs Nervous Tics (25)
Tarvin Bowling Club B (26) vs The Railway (30)
Tarvin Bowling Club A (32) vs Da Doo Ron Ron (19)
Tarvin Parish Council (19) vs Tarvin Methodist Church (21)
The George Heath Foundation (32) vs Tarvin Tennis Club (15)

The 8 teams going through to next Friday's Competition are in order of play:

The Railway vs The George Heath Foundation
Nervous Tics vs Tarvin Bowling Club A
St Andrews Church vs Tarvin Methodist Church
Deansway Crescent vs Ashton Hayes and Tarvin Flower Club

The finalists will be the 2 teams with the TOTAL HIGHEST POINTS scored over their 2 matches played in Round 2.
As the results from Round 1 suggest we should be in for a tight set of contests next Friday.

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