Tarvin Woodland Trust Apple Pressing Day 2019

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After a very unsettled week of wet weather, 2019 Tarvin Apple Pressing Day turned out fine and dry with some welcome sunshine.

WTAP Oct 2019 Chopping the Apples 20191005_132333-1-1_resized[79645]
WTAP Oct 2019 Preparations at the Pancake Stall 20191005_134308_resized[79638]
WTAP Oct 2019 The Burger Tent Staff 20191005_132624_resized[79643]
WTAP Oct 2019 Chopping the Apples 20191005_132939-1_resized[79639]
WTAP Oct 2019 Mincing the Cut Apples 20191005_132727-1_resized[79642]
WTAP Oct 2019 One Apple Pressing Operation 20191005_132755-1_resized[79640]
WTAP Oct 2019 A Second Apple Pressing Operation 20191005_132740-1_resized[79641]
WTAP Oct 2019 The Final Product