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21st August 2018 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Our Community website has been running for 5 years now and in that time we have published over 3500 articles. From the outset we recognised that the use of Facebook and Twitter was growing and for many the media of choice for accessing their information.

We set up Tarvinonline Facebook and Twitter accounts as a way of sending brief abstracts of our articles to all our followers who preferred to have a quick scan of the day's events rather than always logging in to the TarvinOnline website. Whenever they found an article of particular interest then the links to the website article were easily available.

As with other Facebook accounts, users could forward the feed and exchange views with other users who liked TarvinOnline. We had a very "light touch" when monitoring the comments, which we do on a daily basis, and on only 2 occasions over the 5 years did our Administrator have to remove posts. However recent events have reminded us that great care has to be taken with posts, as others may think that what was written were views the TarvinOnline Editorial team wish to be associated with.

We all have to be very careful of potentially libellous comments which are either unsubstantiated or certainly could be challenged. Naming individuals or ascribing events to individuals can be fraught with risk to legal challenge. The Editorial team is very careful in what it writes to avoid this and we always try to generalise and be anonymous with our content even if we know more.

If residents wish to stray into these areas then they must use their own Facebook pages.
We hope all our Facebook followers can support us in this and if we have missed anything that readers consider unacceptable on our Facebook page then they should contact TarvinOnline and we will carefully review and where we consider it necessary, remove the posts.

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