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Many of you will have tried to login to Tarvinonline earlier today and waited in vain for our website to appear. I was trying to get online myself to put some more articles together and I know how frustrating it can be as you have no idea which part of the connection was at fault.
Perhaps you just give up and try again later but I end up going through the chain thinking is it my router , is it my Internet Service Provider (ISP) or is it the Tarvinonline website itself? A process of elimination leads you to Tarvinonline as the problem. Behind our website sits a lot of common software that other websites in the "ThenMedia" universe use and I soon found a number of these were affected as well.
The problem turned out to be caused by a fault with the Firewalls that protect the servers on which all these programs are located.
Unfortunately there is no way I can let you know what the issue is until Tarvinonline is back up and accessible again!
Hope this didn't annoy you too much and that eventually you were successful. I see as I write about 90 people have managed to log on today since service was restored so thanks for trying again.

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