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18th August 2014 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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On the right hand side of the Homepage we have the last 10 articles in the Newsroom.

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The editors have a target of publishing 2 new articles each day. Some of our visitors don't sign on every day but they will still be able to see the titles of the last 5 days of articles.

Clicking on the "more" link next to the Newsroom heading will take you onto a new page of the full Newsroom where you can access all the articles we have written since we started the website! These are grouped in 6 articles/page and a brief introduction is given to each article. Just click on the title of any article to read it in full.
As you can see at the bottom of the page there are 144 pages of articles at present. As I write this guide there are in fact 892 articles available to peruse at your leisure! Where did the inspiration for all these articles come from?

You can of course scroll down the pages looking for any items of interest or perhaps something you remember seeing and just want to re-read again.
Often the best way is to use the search feature on the Homepage. So for example I wanted to look at any earlier articles there might be about speeding in Oscroft having read the one published on Aug 15th.
Typing in Oscroft I found we published articles about this problem on the 2nd June this year and also back in July 2013!

Who writes all these articles?

The editorial team welcomes articles from anyone on any subject that is relevant to our Community. The more we receive the less the webteam have to research and write.
I can assure you that an article from someone outside of the webteam will always take precedence over our efforts. We have an editorial policy to ensure an article is acceptable to be published.
You may be involved in a society, organisation, business etc and we would encourage you to tell us about forthcoming events and give us a brief summary after the event. Many of you are regular contributors already so our thanks for all your repeated efforts.

Photos are particularly welcome. If the photo includes people then please just check that they are happy for the photo to go on the website. Whilst we may refer to people by name we never publish addresses.
We will always spell/ grammar check any article and may adjust the layout a little to fit everything onto a page.

We have on average 160 visits/day. Now that could even be say 320 individuals and half sign on every other day!. The point is there is a large group of people who will read your article so your effort will be well rewarded.
The publicity reach is excellent as many of the website visitors will live in households and pass comments on to their family and friends.
And its all free publicity!

If you just want to send us an outline of your article/idea rather than the finished thing of beauty then just do so and we will "finish" it off for you- in the nicest possible way!
You will find its far easier than you imagined to put finger to keyboard – pen to paper has gone for good I fear. We can take Word documents or PDF files attached to an email or text typed directly into an email. editor@tarvinonline.org is waiting to receive your emails.

So just go for it

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