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Tarvin's Plant Sale 2022

23rd May 2022 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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Wow! It seems so long ago now! We had worked so hard for such a long time – and then it happens – a tremendous morning, with a tremendous outcome – and then nothing! What a sense of anti-climax!

Friday 13th May (lucky for some) was an interesting day. The Chapel had been cleared of chairs and a dozen tables were arranged in rows, each covered with an oilcloth to protect against the inevitable mud. At 2pm sharp, the team of woodlanders appeared with tray upon tray of plants, which were removed from their trays, grouped together and arranged on the tables, ready to be carried out next morning. By 4pm, all was prepared.

Saturday 14th May dawned bright and clear, without a raindrop in sight. Soon after 8.30am, the space in front of Tarvin Methodist Church began to be filled with tables loaded with plants. There were so many plants that trays of "reserve" plants (to replace those sold) had to be stored under the tables, there were extra tables on the pavement and the front wall was lined with large pot plants and hanging baskets! By 10am, the official opening time, the front of Chapel was crowded with people as well as plants and a hectic two hours followed. There were many bargains to be had and a lot of people went home laden with new plants for their gardens, Roger Hones operated his 'low carbon' delivery service (a trailer behind his bicycle – which carried a surprising amount) and Trustees were kept busy helping by carrying trays of plants to people's cars. At the same time, the Chapel were offering teas and coffees, accompanied by cakes – or bacon baps – or both! There were jams on offer, too and a jigsaw exchange proved popular. All told, the Chapel took over £400, which, for a coffee Morning, is exceptionally good!

Irene Brearey had made cards out of two of her watercolour paintings of Tarvin and these were on sale to help fund Tarvin Community Woodland Trust. They raised £100 on the morning – a remarkable achievement, for which we are very grateful to her. The raffle and the plants were also good fundraisers, resulting in an overall profit on the morning for the Trust of well over £1,500. This was really good and puts this plant sale amongst the most profitable that we have ever run. It also means that the 2022 Plant Sale is likely to be the principal source of funds for the running of our woodland this year.

Tarvin High Street plays host to a number of "whole village" events, of which the Christmas Market and the Plant Sale are perhaps the two most evident. There is a wonderful atmosphere when the whole community comes together for something like this. Both Tarvin Community Woodland Trust and Tarvin Methodist Church are proud to have been a part of such a marvellous occasion. They are also pleased to be able to work together and to help each other to raise much needed cash – a splendid example of synergy -a demonstration of how village organisations can collaborate to produce something far better than either could achieve on their own!

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