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At Monday's Parish Council Meeting, the Parish Council was delighted to report some progress on three road safety issues that have been discussed for some time.

  • A51 Junction — Councillors Cotgreave, Hones and Miles met two CW&C Highway Engineers to discuss the dangers that have been highlighted from the changes to the white lines. After much discussion Highways agreed to reduce the width of area used by vehicles turning right into the village from Tarporley to 3 metres in the hope that this would give vehicles turning right out of the village better sight-lines south along the busy road. It will be reassessed after a trial period.
  • Oscroft — A full speed assessment on all three roads into Oscroft, Cross Lanes, Willington Road and Shay Lane should be completed by the end of January 2015. This will provide the evidence on which improvements can be made.
  • A54 crossing — after a complaint from a resident about the difficulty of crossing the road using the traffic island, the Highways Department initially replied that, as national standards for these things were met nothing could be done. However further prompting from the Parish Council has got them to look again at the issue with the promise of a more in-depth look at the traffic management on this busy road.

In all three cases the Parish Council expressed a hope that such direct, detailed and productive discussions with the right CW&C officers would lead to prompt action to solve these problems.

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