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UK Compared to USA (Part 3)

31st August 2015 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Recently Ted Lush wrote an article called UK Compared to USA ).
A couple of days ago the Tarvinonline team were amazed to receive an email from Rick Crown who lives in Madison. He wrote:

" A friend encountered your very nice write up about your visit to Madison recently UK Compared to USA (Part 2) and we were trying to ascertain when you might have been here.

I am head of the Flower Guild at the Episcopal Church of the Advent where we think you encountered the funeral party. Our church was built as Methodist in 1842, but transformed into Episcopal 50 years ago and it is brick, not white, but the Barnett Parish house next door is white. All that said, we are the only possibility of your encounter in Madison that fits your specifics, as you described our Parish house beautifully, and (hopefully) a typical congregant.

We've unfortunately hosted several funerals this spring and would love to know which one you found, and share your compliments with the family.

We also hope you will return, and we will have to seek out Tarvin on our next trek to England, no funeral necessary!"

The Tarvin Webteam obviously contacted Ted and he has given us some more details:-

"We were in Madison on the afternoon of Saturday May 23rd, can't remember the
time but it was fairly early afternoon because after Madison we went onto
Eatonton,and then Milledgeville which was very interesting to walk around too. We then returned to Macon where we were staying and the next day flew home from Atlanta having visited FDRs place at Warm Springs.

We thought Madison had some great buildings and we had already had a
conversation with a lady sitting on her porch in the hot sunshine. The lady we
met at the funeral introduced us first to the daughter of the deceased as she
was receiving guests to the wake. The lady then introduced us to her brother
and finally her mother who was a very elegantly dressed older lady. I say this
because although my wife Jane was wearing a dress and was smart I was in shorts and did
look like a tourist not used to the heat!

Sorry that I described the church incorrectly, I have no photograph as the
battery on my camera had given out about 15 minutes before we arrived at the

We really thought that in Georgia, North and South Carolina people were
genuinely friendly, proud of their community but also interested in you.

It would be interesting to know how the article I wrote ended up being read by
someone in Madison. As for returning, in September 2016 (DV) we are planning to
go to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. There is just so much of the USA to visit
with the bonus next year of a Presidential election."

(Ed I am sure we would welcome the Crowns when they next visit England and we can show them our old and beautiful church)

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