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Many of our dogs are friendly towards both people and dogs. But there are some that really struggle with both situations.

To help dogs cope with these situations, and to alert others to their needs, you can buy colour coded and labelled leads, harnesses and coats that can assist in notifying other walkers about your dog and their difficulties.

Colour coded leads/harnesses/coats:

Red- Caution: Your dog requires space
Orange- No Dogs: Your dog loves people but isn't happy around other dogs
Green- Friendly: Your dog is friendly towards both dogs and people
White- Deaf/Blind: Your dog has a sensory disability and requires space
Light Yellow- Nervous: Your dog requires space as is unsure of new dogs, people or situations
Bright Yellow- Up for Adoption: Your dog is looking for a new home
Blue- In Training: Your dog is in training and can't be distracted
Purple- Do not feed: Your dog is on a diet or has a sensitive tummy.

If you don't want to have a lead fully coloured and marked you can also tie a ribbon of corresponding colour onto your dog's regular lead, or, if you are able to let your dog off lead but still want to alert others to their needs, you can buy coats in the same colour coding as the leads etc.

Learning to recognise these leads is just one way of making sure you're a responsible dog owner.

Remember, just because your dog is friendly doesn't mean everyone else's is — so, if you see a dog approaching that is on a lead please either call your dog in to close control or, ideally, pop them back on their lead so you can pass by without making the other dog feel uncomfortable. No matter how friendly your dog is there may be many different reasons as to why the other dog is on a lead and simply popping your dog back on lead while you pass at a comfortable distance will avoid any upset and potential harm to all concerned.

Being a responsible dog owner also means understanding that just because you love dogs doesn't mean everyone does. Some people; including children may be nervous of dogs or might just not want their clothes all mucked up! Please be respectful of this when out walking your pooch.

All pooches deserve to enjoy all their experiences so please keep your dog under control when out about and remember dogs are just as individual as people.

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