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Vandalised Nature Border

23rd April 2021 @ 6:06am – by Lyn Brunton
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'For the last few years I have planted wild flowers and sunflowers on the border of the bridal path at the bottom of Townfield lane, behind our garden. People also use this path to the woods. When I've been working there, passers by have commented and complimented on how lovely it is. Children can be heard, as well as adults, commenting on the sunflowers which are a great source of Autumn food for birds and squirrels alike. All plants are paid for from my own pocket.

Understandably this area was trodden on to enable social distancing. I have made thepath area wider this year to facilitate this and to preserve the young seedlingsdesperate to see the sun. I erected a few notices of a explanation. However, some mindless individuals have ripped the notices down and pulled up the posts to which they were attached. The first time this happened, I replaced the notices. I will replace again as I encourage wildlife wherever I can. We do not cut our grass from May to September for this reason.

If they are destroyed again, I will not waste my money and time any more which will upset me and the community and families will not benefit from the observation of the varied wildlife, but enough is enough. I caught youths in the past peering and shouting over our fence, I'm afraid they are my prime suspects. (Incidentally, they shot off at Olympic speed when they realised I had spotted them calling over the fence).

Please educate your children on the benefit of biodiversity and the important part all flora and fauna play in the circle of life. I'm sure many families do just this but sometimes those bored youngsters with nothing better to do need a little 'reminder.' Thank you.

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