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Thanks to everyone, especially the supporters, who made the effort of finding all those questions worthwhile.

Presentation by Brian Hardacre -Community Centre

Our excellent question master (whose decision is always final !) and his 2 assistants do a marvellous job. As I collected scrap paper after the quiz I noted one which had no jottings or scribbles ---just said---"I NEED A PINT" ! Did this sum up the feelings of all the contestants? Ed:"Picture of the Community Centre's Brian Hardacre congratulating the winners, The Bowling Club"

The new format of increasing the final round questions and removing the 1st round seemed to work well and made Friday evening go with more of a swing. As I watched and listened I realised what a lot of luck is attached to the evening.

TARVIN MEETING POINT felt that they had a run of awful questions when they were defeated by the PARISH COUNCIL- who no doubt thought the same when the BOWLING CLUB went on to beat them. THE CRESCENT had been knocked out by them. St. ANDREW'S CHURCH beat THE FLOWER CLUB in a close match but were then defeated by TARVIN METHODIST CHURCH who had beaten the TENNIS CLUB.

Bowling Club celebrate

The final was a good match between T.M.C. and the Bowling Club, both teams who have won the trophy before. This year was to be the turn of the Bowling club.

The Bowling club had to be encouraged to enter this year and were then beaten in the 1st round. However they came through as one of the highest scoring losers and fired ahead to win (I think that must be a first in the quiz history). Ed:"Photo of the winning team celebrating"


Peter Maiden put it down to luck but they had a good balanced team. Congratulations to them. Ed:"Photo of Pete Maiden with the Shield"

Pete Maiden with the trophy

If anyone wants to help with questions for next year please call me on 01829-740665.

The Community Centre has a table quiz on 19th February. There will be a bar so you can have as many pints as you like and you don't have to sit on the stage!

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