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Of all the green technologies that can be retrofitted to a home, getting a water meter often has the best payback, Largely because they're free. A family of 4 in a detached home in Tarvin saved £1000 in 3 years!


Water meters record how much water you use in your home for billing purposes, similar to gas and electricity. The meter is checked remotely you are charged for the exact amount used. Without a meter, bills are based on your homes' rateable so your bills won't relate to how much you use. the amount you could save depends on how much you pay now and how much water you use.

Is a water meter right for my home?

The consumer council for water's water calculator can indicate if you could save money? http://www.ccwater.org.uk/watermetercalculator/ Or go to United Utilities web site. They have guidance on whether you are likely to save money by having a meter. Take a look at http://www.unitedutilities.com/documents/Water_meter_application_pack.pdf

A couple or a person living alone, small families or a house with a high rateable value, are all probably paying more than you need to for water services, and a meter could save you over £300 per year!
It can reduce your carbon footprint too. Water processing uses a great deal of energy

Water Meters are Fitted indoors

This allows you to monitor usage, which can help you save water and even more money.
Meters are read remotely and the utility company don't need to disturb you for readings. If, they cannot fit the meter indoors, they will fit it outside.
If you do not want your meter fitted indoors and would prefer it outside, there is a nominal charge. Fitters need to access to your incoming water supply for installation of the meter which may require some minor joinery to ensure a successful installation.

Switch back if you want

After having it fitted, if you feel that a meter isn't right for you, you can revert to being charged by your home's rateable value as long as you ask United Utilities within 2 years of having the meter fitted. There is no charge for this. If you move into a home with a meter, you cannot go back to being charged by rateable value.

Who can have a water meter?

All home owners can apply for free water meters. Fixed term tenants can apply. If you have a tenancy agreement of under 6 months, you must not apply without your landlord's permission.
It can take up to 3 months to arrange a meter installation but the water supplier often does it much more quickly than this. You can apply online at:
or call 0845 303 7711 for a leaflet. (Automated leaflet line) to apply, you will need:
1. Your account number (you can find this on your last bill) and
2. Your property details.
We're not sure how much longer they will be offered free of charge, the quicker you get one, the faster you will SAVE!

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