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Western Rural Npu Inspectors Weekly Report, 19th April

23rd April 2015 @ 6:06am – by Cheshire Constabulary
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Weekly Report for week ending 19/4/15

  • On Tuesday, a vehicle was broken into during the night between Fishpool and Delamere. Police attended the location and arrested the offender. On Friday afternoon, another vehicle was broken into near Delamere Forrest. Police are still trying to identify the offender to this offence. The vast majority of thefts from vehicles occur when people leave valuable items such as laptops or sat-navs on view in their vehicles. It takes less than 5 seconds to smash a car window, lean in and remove items – don't invite theft – remove valuables from your vehicle.
  • Police regularly receive complaints about vehicles speeding through villages. The reality is that there are insufficient officers available to have a police officer at every problem location. It is therefore necessary to utilise a variety of strategies to educate motorists and enforce speed limits. One effective measure is 'Community Speedwatch', where members of the local community are provided with training and equipment to go out and have a positive impact on reducing vehicle speeds in their community. If you are interested in taking part in such an initiative in your own area, either contact one of your local officers or phone and ask to speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Unit.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, two garages in Mickle Trafford were attacked. One had a lock cut off, but a second lock prevented entry being gained. The second garage was unlocked and a cycle was stolen. Effective strong security will often stop you from becoming a victim of crime. Please don't make it easy for the criminals.
  • On Wednesday lunchtime, an outbuilding in Great Barrow was broken into and a ride-on mower was stolen. A new white van was seen leaving the area. If you have any information which may assist in identifying this vehicle, please contact the police.
  • On Thursday morning, a grey Volvo saloon vehicle drove past a horse rider in Acton Bridge, mid-morning. The vehicle turned round and drove past again slowly, at which point the female horse rider saw that the male driver, who was in his 50's, was naked apart from an unbuttoned shirt. Police would like to identify the vehicle and driver. Please get in touch if you can assist.
  • In Elton, a black 4x4 vehicle drove onto a housing estate around mid-day on Thursday and the occupants approached an open garage and stole a chainsaw. The victim managed to get a registration of the vehicle and police found it half an hour later and arrested the driver.
  • Also on Thursday, but over in Little Budworth in the afternoon, residents reported a female with an Irish accent, calling door to door, selling 'lucky heather'. When she realised that someone had called the police, she drove away from the area in a brand new white Range Rover! I doubt that the sale of lucky heather will finance the purchase of a Range Rover and suspect that such activity is an excuse to identify vulnerable households. Please report similar activity to the police as soon as possible and do not engage with such callers to your door.
  • An offender tried to burgle a house in Cuddington over the last few days. Fortunately, the good quality locks on the double glazing withstood attempts at forcing the window open. This further illustrates that good strong security measures are effective at protecting your property and preventing you the distress of becoming a victim of crime. Please review your own security measures and if necessary, upgrade locks or other security measures. Regards Inspector Keith Curbishley

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