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Welcome to the first edition of the New Year. I hope that you all had a peaceful Christmas and enjoyed the company of friends and family.
Your local officers have been working hard to keep our area safe over the Christmas and New Year period.
I am sure that you will have gathered from my regular reports that officers rely heavily on prompt calls from members of the public, providing them with detailed and accurate information on which to act. I am sure that I can rely on you to continue this in 2015.

The continuing changes in crime patterns, brought about by developments in technology and evolving legislation, plus the financial constraints put on the police force as a result of national austerity measures, means that we constantly have to review and adapt the way in which our Neighbourhood policing unit operates.
The best way to keep up to date with changes and developments is to register with the various communication media that Cheshire police use. www.cheshire.police.uk and www.cheshirepolicealert.co.uk are both useful websites. You can also follow Western Rural NPU on Twitter.

I understand that many readers are reticent about engaging with modern technology for such matters. However, it is a fact of life that as technology develops, people need to adapt to the changes it brings in order to reap the benefits. (Consider the impact that motor vehicles had on the way that society works — information technology is having just as much impact!). As more people engage with the police via these media, the more information and advice the police can pass out, which will hopefully result in less opportunity for criminal activity!
Please recommend our communications to friends and family.

Local priorities for January 2015

Thefts from Vehicles.
Over recent weeks, there have been a number of thefts from unlocked vehicles parked on residential driveways. Crime figures suggest that offenders may be moving from village to village. Local officers are providing extra patrols to those areas being targeted and are encouraging residents to lock their vehicles and not to leave valuables in vehicles overnight.

Road Safety.
It is a sad fact that so many people have been arrested for drunk or drugged driving over the festive season. Officers will continue to look out for drivers who may be unfit whilst driving and also to target those disqualified drivers who may be tempted to continue to drive, despite being banned by the courts.

Officers have worked hard to target known burglars during the festive period and also to provide extra patrols to vulnerable areas. Many households will have valuable new items after Christmas which may be attractive to potential burglars.

Householders are reminded not to relax their security in the New Year. Please contact the police for security advice about security marking of such items.