Western Rural Police Roundup for Week Ending 30th November

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Police continue to receive a number of calls about vehicles driving slowly past addresses in a suspicious manner and also about cold callers at houses, purporting to offer a variety of services, often pressurising occupants to make purchases.
Police will always respond to such calls, which gives us the opportunity to make sure that those involved are legitimate, or if we are not happy with their account, to take appropriate action against them to deter them from any illegal activity, or prosecute them for any offences disclosed.
A recent example is where the occupants of a van were calling at addresses, offering generators for sale. There have been a number of burglaries in recent weeks, where generators have been stolen! Police would like the opportunity to check this vehicle and occupants.

In the run up to Christmas, it is important to ensure that sheds and garages are secure, especially if you store expensive items in them.
On Tuesday night, an address near Malpas had its locked garage broken into and two mountain bikes were stolen, despite the fact that they had additional locks on them inside the garage. Please try not to leave your shed / garage open where people can see what is stored inside and if you have valuable items to put away, please try to wait until there is no one around to see where they are put.

In the early hours of Sunday morning (30th), a number of burglary offences were reported from the Brackendale area of Elton. Please contact police if you have any information which may assist police with these enquiries.There have been two vehicles stolen this week. One occurred whilst the owner was nearby, loading shopping into their vehicle in Frodsham and the other was a vehicle stopped near Backford with a flat tyre and the owner close by. (This second vehicle was abandoned soon after, probably once the thief realised that it had a flat tyre!)

Please do NOT leave your keys in a vehicle under any circumstances — it is possible for an opportunistic thief to jump in your vehicle and drive off whilst you are standing right beside it.
Most insurance companies will NOT cover any theft which occurs if you have left the keys with a vehicle.
This advice is especially pertinent as the colder weather approaches and many people may be tempted to leave their car running whilst the windscreen defrosts — many vehicles are stolen under these circumstances!

An address in Pulford had property stolen from vehicles which were parked on the driveway overnight on Tuesday. Unfortunately it appears that the vehicles may have been left insecure. There were two similar offences reported in this area last week. Please remain vigilant for anyone going up and down driveways without good reason and ensure that all vehicles are locked and valuables are out of sight.

Other burglary offences have occurred this week in Cuddington, Churton and Tarporley. With the short daylight hours and dark evenings, it is often easy to identify those properties where no one is in.
Please take sensible precautions to create the impression that someone is home — use timers for lights and radios, consider leaving a TV on, if safe to do so, draw curtains and always ensure that doors and windows are locked, even whilst you are at home. Please register with www.cheshirepolicealert.co.uk for other security advice.

Inspector Keith Curbishley