Western Rural Round-up- Week ending 2/11/2014

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  • There have been a number of arrests this week of drunk drivers. They have been stopped and arrested as a result of both information passed by members of the public and also from routine stop checks by police officers. Please do not feel guilty for contacting the police about someone who you believe to be drunk driving. You would feel far more guilty about not contacting the police if they drove whilst drunk and ended up killing someone! Be responsible over the approaching Christmas period and reinforce the message about not drink driving, amongst your friends and family.
  • There have been many incidents reported this week about suspicious vans driving slowly around estates and also people 'cold calling' at addresses, offering services or items for sale. The police always respond to such reports and have managed to check out several people. Incidents have been reported in Frodsham, Cuddington, Malpas and Kelsall. Whilst some people checked have been carrying out lawful activities, some have doubtless been looking for an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable addresses or occupants. Prompt reporting by members of the public has probably prevented a number of people falling victim to such activity.
  • There have been three reported thefts from vehicles this week, in Helsby, Frodsham and Mollington. I have previously highlighted the vulnerability of leaving valuable items in vehicles, particularly at locations such as hotel and golf club car parks, where it is common for unknown people to be around. Please remain vigilant about who is watching when securing your vehicle and do not leave valuables on display.
  • There have been a small number of calls about antisocial behaviour this week, particularly on 'mischief night' and Halloween. However, police have been active in promoting messages around local schools about responsible behaviour and in making posters available to households who do not want callers engaging in such seasonal activities. Officers will again be out promoting responsible use of fireworks.
  • A caravan owner has reported that someone appears to have tried to steal their caravan whilst it was being stored at a storage location near the outskirts of Chester. However, they had an alarm fitted to the caravan and it is believed that this has deterred the offenders from making anything other than a quick search of the caravan before leaving empty handed. With the dark evenings and an increased number of caravans being put into storage over winter, it is important that caravan owners put strong anti-theft measures in place such as strong hitch locks and wheel clamps, plus fitting effective alarms, tracking devices and recording unique CRIS numbers (or 'A' frame numbers).

Inspector Keith Curbishley