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What does everyone in Tarvin see...but not see ?

1st December 2019 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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David Ferguson the St Andrew's Church Parish Warden explains..........

The Church clock was installed by Joyce of Whitchurch in 1887, to mark Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. The winding of the clock takes place once a week. Three heavy weights need to be elevated to the height of the Tower Clock Chamber, which can take over 200 turns of the winding handle! Our Tower Captain, Colin Howarth has been carrying out this duty since 1988. We would all like to thank Colin for his tremendous service, and stamina in carrying out this task every week!

The time has now come to look at converting the clock movement to automatic winding. We have obtained a number of quotes, and have decided to accept the quote from The Cumbria Clock Company. The cost of upgrading to automatic winding will be £6,780.00 including VAT. The quote has been accepted by the PCC, and a Faculty is currently in place. We hope that the work will be completed during February / March 2020.

In recording Colin's mammoth effort in winding the church clock we must mention that he also has a watching brief over the clock to ensure that it performs as it should – this includes regulating the pendulum to provide accurate timing to the dials, looking for signs of wear, noticing when some part needed repair........
Colin will continue to fulfil this role as long as he is able.

We will, of course, need to raise funds in order to finance the conversion. We have
applied to our Local Authority, CW&C, for a grant, as they fully understand that our Church clock is also for the benefit of the village of Tarvin.

We would, therefore, welcome donations towards this much needed upgrade, and trust that the people of Tarvin can help and support us in this endeavour.
Donations can be made to the Vicar Adam Friend.
Tel: 01829 740354 or 07984 003665
Email: tarvinparish@gmail.com

We don't see that Colin has.......
Climbed the tower well over 1650 times!
Wound the clock for 875 hours!
Spent 31 years as 'Official Church Clock Winder'
Helped everyone in Tarvin know the correct time.

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