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Woodland Habitat Piles

24th February 2017 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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Anyone walking through the woodland recently can hardly have failed to notice the piles of cut material at intervals throughout its length. Called habitat piles, they are a part of our work to encourage all manner of wildlife within the woodland. There are two types. One sort look like (and indeed they are) a heap of small twigs and other brash, which will provide shelter for tiny creatures. The other sort are made up of larger sticks and small logs, arranged layer upon layer, in order to leave spaces in between, so that slightly larger creatures can wriggle and work their way between them to find shelter. Building these has taken the woodland volunteers a long time, spread over several weeks.

Clearly, our intention with the habitat piles has been misunderstood by someone, who, without any permission, has been removing logs and large sticks to use as firewood! The neat stacks of sticks, painstakingly constructed by our volunteers have been demolished and the 'best' bits – the ones most useful for use in fires – have been removed. Doing this is not only theft but it also displays scant regard for the work of the volunteers and a total lack of concern for the creatures we are trying to encourage in the woodland. This isn't what Tarvin's woodland is about. It is so disappointing!

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