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Setting Up

After a week of terrible weather, topped off with an almighty deluge on
Friday afternoon, came Saturday May 11th. Out came the sun and so did the
people of Tarvin, in vast numbers, to the High Street. Everything had been
set up on Friday afternoon with the tables loaded up ready to be carried
outside on Saturday morning.

What a wonderful event: there was a superb stock of plants, a raffle and
excellent catering by the Methodist Church. Everything and everyone was
busy; in front of the building where people were buying plants and hanging
baskets, inside with queues for raffle tickets (lots of prizes), bacon
rolls, tea, coffee and cakes.

The result was that the Community Woodland Trust will benefit by over £1,300
which will be used to keep the woodland as the wonderful place that it is
and the Church made a goodly sum, too. This is now an event that has become
part of the Tarvin calendar, but it doesn't just happen. There is a lot of
planning done by the Trustees but the major work is done by Heather Exell
and Jacqui Bradley who purchase the plants early in the year and then grow
them on in greenhouses and gardens. The quality of the plants and hanging
baskets is due to them.

So, a really big thank you to Heather, Jacqui, the Trustees and all the
other volunteers as well as the team from the Methodist Church. And thank
you Tarvin for all your support!

We'll be back next year.

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