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Woodland Plant Sale 2020.

6th May 2020 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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These are exceptional times and, as with everything else, the fundraising plant sale, run by the Woodland each year, has had to adapt.
The frantic Saturday morning in front of the Chapel (almost invariably in good weather), selling plants of all descriptions and drooling over the smell of the Chapel's bacon butties is, for this year at least, a thing of the past!
However, we DO still have the plants and they WILL go on sale, but with different arrangements. We are going to rely on the fact that many folk are able to go for a walk and we offer plant buying as an exercise-related activity.
(But what of those who are "confined to barracks" and cannot go for a walk? We are making arrangements for you, too. Please do keep on reading!)

First - the annual plants, that have been grown by Heather Exell. She has a limited range of bedding plants – comprising mixed begonia semperflorens, mixed busy lizzies (Impatiens) and mixed trailing lobelia. These will be on sale at £2.50 for a pack of 6 plants. She also has some hanging baskets, which she is selling at £15 each and a few tubs and pots, which will cost between £15 – £18 (depending on their size). Heather is planning to be in her front garden at Church Cottage, Church Street, CH3 8EB (third down from Loui's chip shop and second up from St Andrew's Church) every afternoon from Tuesday, May 12th to Saturday, May 16th between 2.00pm and 4.30pm. There will also be a delivery service available, with some of the Trustees (and their families) organising the transportation of your plants to your home.

If you are unable to get to one of the afternoon sessions, it would be possible for you to contact Heather by phone (740337) and place your order. The delivery arrangements still apply.

Secondly – the herbaceous perennial plants (and some tomato plants), grown by Jacqui Bradley. On the morning of Saturday, 16th May, these plants will be out on the drive in front of 4, Andrew's Close (CH3 8LN) and there they will remain until the evening of Saturday, 23rd May. If advice is needed, Jacqui will be on-hand (but at a safe distance!) to answer any questions.
(If you need our attention, it can be attracted by ringing 741172 – don't hesitate – we don't mind!) Each of the plants will have a label bearing its name and its price. Often, there will be photographs of the plants when in flower. Payments should be put into an honesty pot – either cash (the only change will be what is in the pot) or by cheque, made payable to Tarvin Community Woodland Trust.

Jacqui will be publishing a final list of the plants that are available next week and we hope that the list will be on TarvinOnLine. All of the plants can be ordered – just call 741172 and Jacqui will set plants on one side for you and agree how you can pay. There will also be our delivery service available, with some of the Trustees (and their families) organising the transportation of your (already paid-for) plants to your home.

There is no getting away from it – this will NOT be the event that our annual plant sales usually are. However, most of the plants should be available and the business of buying plants should not be quite so frenetic! And the bottom line is that the principal part of the woodland's fund-raising is able to go ahead, so that, once the lock-down and its precautions are over, the Trustees and the volunteers will be able to get back to work keeping our lovely woodland in tip top condition!

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