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A51 Land Development near Okells

2nd October 2020 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish council
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The following is a news item from the Parish Council approved at the Council meeting on Monday evening:

The Parish Council (PC) is very well aware that a field on the A51 close to Okells has been subject to development that is not compliant with an approved planning permission. The PC has raised the issue with CWaC Planning Enforcement and our local Borough Councillors.
The PC understands that a new planning application has been submitted to CWaC that would seek to formalise, retrospectively, the development that has taken place which goes well beyond the permission already granted. Until that application is validated and published the PC cannot comment formally on the application.
It may be helpful for residents to know that the PC has always strongly objected when planning permissions have been ignored because it believes it is very unfair on the majority of applicants who adhere to their permissions which may have been amended as part of the planning process. It also believes that unless permissions are followed it could lead to a free for all which would not benefit the community.
If and when an application does come forward the PC will consider it objectively taking into consideration the policies of both the Local Plan and the Tarvin Neighbourhood Plan. In addition, the impact of the proposal on the environment, on the community and the views of residents, as far as they are known, will be taken into account.

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