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Being Considerate

25th May 2014 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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At its meeting on 19th May the Parish Council listened to a number of complaints, which fell into two broad categories:

  • Cars parked on grass verges and pavements
  • Hedges growing out over pavements

Cars parked on pavements, and hedges growing out over pavements, cause real problems for pedestrians, particularly for people pushing prams or buggies and for the elderly or those with a disability.

With regard to parking on grass verges, those verges which are most subject to this end up looking a terrible mess, churned up into ruts and making it difficult for the mowing machines to operate.

The Parish Council would like all residents to recognise that sometimes their actions can have a very negative impact on other people. It therefore hopes that everyone will try to be more considerate

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