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Blue Pumpkins and respect this halloween

30th October 2023 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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halloween blue pumpkin and respect

Blue and Teal Pumpkins:

Teal pumpkins garnered popularity in the USA around 2014 when a Food Allergy campaign was launched to help children with food allergies to enjoy Halloween without suffering from reactions. Householders displayed a Teal / blue pumpkin to indicate that they had treats available that would not cause an allergic reaction such as gluten, lactose soya and nut free treats or small toys/gifts. It has been expanded with blue pumpkins signifying that the householders understand that some children with Autism Spectrum disorder and other Neurodiverse conditions may struggle to say "Trick or Treat" or "Happy Halloween" or may have other needs.

For those who may not have displayed a Blue pumpkin, if a child comes to your door with a Blue pumpkin, take the blue pumpkin to mean "Trick or treat". it would help to be quiet, respectful, and understanding of the child's additional needs. If they can't say "trick or treat!" , they might be non-verbal. If they're not wearing a costume, they could have sensory issues -- If they don't give eye – contact, they are not being rude;for some of these children, it's a pretty massive achievement to even ring the doorbell or be out in the chaos of Halloween night.

And spare a thought for the parents that stand patiently in the background. Having a child with severe allergies, or with a Neurodiverse child is a very challenging journey.

Non – Pumpkin Houses

On the other side of the coin – a message to all children and parents an carers with excited trick or treaters.
Not everyone finds Trick or treating fun. Many disabled people or those with mobility issues find it very difficult to come to the door just once, never mind over and over again on Halloween night, An autistic homeowner may find it overwhelming, elderly people may simply not have the energy and some people are genuinely frightened.  We also need to respect those who simply don't wish to take part.

There are posters available at most post offices which Householders can display to indicate whether they welcome trick or treaters or would prefer not to take part but there is another simple rule of thumb that we can follow:

If a house is decorated for halloween, they are happy to take part, if In doubt, please don't knock or ring

Let's make Halloween 2023 a festival of fun and respect for everyone.
Have a great Halloween night – Have respect and be polite

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