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The changing face of Tarvin

20th September 2013 @ 6:06am – by David Smeatham
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Why do summers seem so busy? With holidays, work, events etc I've not had much chance to take a walk around the village recently. However, I can sense things have changed at great pace over the summer months. So, the other morning I took a stroll around the village to take a look at the changes. This is what I found.

woodland walk

My walk started from the revamped Grogan's Walk. What a change the new path surface has made and I am really glad it takes the original route through the woodland. This stretch of path is a real asset to the village and I think Jim would have been delighted with the outcome of the work that has been done. Great job!

saxon heath

At the end of the Woodland Walk I managed to get a good view of the ground works of the new Saxon Heath development. There has been a huge change here over the summer and from this angle you get a perspective of the size of the development. With the introduction of approximately 150 new houses in the village from this development and the Tervyn Lea development on the other side of the A51, I imagine we are likely to see some changes in the village over the next year or so.

tervyn lea

newt pond

I took a walk over to see how the new newt ponds are doing. The water's edge vegetation is starting to grow and the water does look nice and clear. Like many, I worry a bit about the impact of the changes on the environment within the village which, after all, is why many of us live here. However, walking round on such a lovely morning it does not take long to realise how fortunate we are to live in such fantastic surroundings.

parish church

I then walked down into the village centre via the field behind the Parish Church. I moved back into the area 7 years ago and I'd say that around half the businesses on the high street have changed or changed their appearances during this time. Tarvin centre always seems vibrant and we're really fortunate to have great shops including the grocery, beauty (although I don't' use many personally), fashion and home shops and the Post Office. Also we are blessed with super wining and dining establishments. I hope these businesses benefit from this housing increase within the village

So what did I find?

Like many rural villages in the UK, Tarvin has gone through many recent changes and continues to change. The impact of these has yet to be felt completely in the village. My hope is that the changes result in increased opportunities for local businesses and the fantastic environment we live in is maintained.

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