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Western Rural NPU Inspectors Weekly Report 20/7/14

  • There has been a Circus in Helsby over the past week. The circus uses live animals in some of its acts. Some local residents have objected to this on a matter of principal. Local officers have worked with the circus and local protestors to ensure that both sides can carry on their lawful activities without any unlawful conflict. The circus has now moved on elsewhere
  • Last Sunday, a house in Dunham on the Hill was broken into overnight, the car keys taken and the vehicle was stolen. It was later found abandoned in Whiston, Merseyside. Later in the week, the occupants of an address in Frodsham returned home mid-afternoon to find a male in the process of trying to break in through the front door. The male immediately made off. Burglars will operate at all hours of the day and night, throughout the year. Please remember to maintain good security routines all the time
  • Last Monday, a Frodsham resident reported that their cat had been shot with an air rifle and the vet removed an air pellet from the animal. I understand that the cat survived and is making a good recovery. A few weeks ago I reported a spate of similar incidents in the Frodsham area. If you have any information that may assist the police in identifying the offender, please get in touch
  • There have been further "scams" reported to the police this week. A phone caller tried to persuade a resident to pay an "up-front fee" in order to reclaim an alleged overpayment of community charge. In a second incident, a caller called the resident by name but asked them to confirm their date of birth. Any legitimate caller should already have your full details. Never pass out personal details to cold callers. As a rule, anything which requires an up-front payment to secure a later refund will always be a scam
  • On Wednesday, a woman walking with her children in Frodsham was approached by a male who repeatedly asked her for sex. The male never touched or threatened the woman, but this behaviour was clearly alarming for her. Police would like to identify the male who is described as mid 20's, 5'8" tall with long hair on top but shaved on the sides
  • On Friday, a farmer at Acton Bridge reported that 6 sheep and 6 lambs have been taken from a field. If you saw anything suspicious in the area, please contact the police. Local farmers are urged to be extra vigilant in case of further similar thefts
  • There have been two garage break-ins this week. One overnight in Duddon and the other around midday in Pulford. A heavy duty lock and clasp are relatively inexpensive and once securely fitted, will ensure that you do not become a victim to this kind of offence
  • Lastly, there have been a number of vehicles seized off drivers this week, after they were found to be uninsured, leaving the drivers with the problem of getting back home without a car! There have also been a number of arrests for drink driving. One driver was almost four times over the legal limit. Please report anyone who you suspect to be drink driving as it is only a matter of time before they kill themselves or someone else. The thought that you could have prevented such a thing from happening would not be easy to live with!


Inspector Keith Curbishley