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Taylor Wimpey 4

A public consultation of Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC)'s new draft Local Plan began on 6 September and will run until 1 November

What is the draft Local Plan?

The Local Plan sets out the vision and strategic policies including the overall level and location of development in the borough for the period 2010 to 2030. This is the first Local Plan to have been developed from scratch by CWaC. The current development plan for the borough is made up of parts of the old Local Plans drawn up by the former councils (Ellesmere Port and Neston BC, Chester City Council, Vale Royal BC and Cheshire County Council), some of which are now quite out of date.
The new Local Plan will be the starting point when considering planning applications in the CWaC area, including Tarvin.
Part One of the Plan contains the strategic planning policies, and will be supported in due course by Part Two containing specific land allocations and more detailed planning policies.
For Tarvin the key policy is STRAT 8 — Rural Area, which states that the Council will support development that serves local needs in the most accessible and sustainable locations to sustain vibrant rural communities. Provision will be made for in the region of 4,200 new dwellings and 10 hectares of additional land for employment. Development should be appropriate in scale and design to conserve each settlement's character and setting.
Tarvin is identified as one of 10 "key service centres" which provide a good range of facilities and services, and where development in the rural area will therefore be concentrated. Accordingly, the Plan sets a maximum figure of 200 new dwellings to be provided in the Tarvin area between 2010 and 2030. NB the Taylor Wimpey estate and the houses being built on the old Copper Kettle site are included in this total

Where can you see the draft Plan?
The draft Plan, supporting documents and response form can be viewed on CWaC's Local Plan Consultation Portal , at CWaC offices and customer service centres (including HQ, Nicholas Street, Chester and The Forum Offices, Chester) and at any public library
There is a drop-in session to ask questions about the Publication Draft Local Plan and the Chester Transport Strategy in the Palatine Room at Chester's Town Hall from 10am until 6.30pm on Tuesday 10 September

How can you have your say?
Representations must be made on the official response form and received by 5pm on Friday, 1 November 2013 and can be made: