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On Sunday, 2nd July we published the Parish Council's summary of the comments that had been received, up until their meeting 26th June, about a suggestion that Park Lane should be made one-way to traffic. This has since resulted in a significant number of additional comments from residents. For early morning readers of TOL who may have missed the later comments that were published on Sunday, the listing below repeats these comments, together with additional ones, including one from our TOL facebook page.

I hadn't seen anything about this poll, and I follow Tarvin online? I would suggest that few other people have either, especially judging by the numbers represented in the feedback.
I would be in favour of one way from A54 -- or -- keeping the hedge cur right back, and leave as it is!
Perhaps more views can be sought before a decision is made.
Angie Hatding

Sylvia Weaver
I have not seen anything regarding requests for feed back but would be in favour of no change. Just the hedges cut back.

The only problem here is the hedges need cutting back regularly . No change needed at all

From TOL facebook page. Jamie Kenny Ken Davies
Leave it how it is it's doing no harm there's worse things than that in the village

I use this cut through daily going home from Tarvin as a one way system, as I turn right onto the A54, as it's really difficult getting out at the top. when I'm coming into Tarvin in the morning I always drive to the top, I therefore I would vote for one way from the high street.

The consensus of this additional feedback appears to confirm the prior finding that a majority of residents are in favour of no change, except that the hedge should be trimmed back.

Further Comments:

David Caddell
The best solution would be to have one way onto the A54. At present if you turn off the A54 there is a good chance that you will meet a vehicle wishing to join the A54 at a blind/sharp corner so increasing the possibility of an accident.
I am against having the one way in the direction of the High Street as this would remove an outlet onto the A54 which is already difficult to join!

Bill Cresswell
I favour retaining two-way traffic but restricting its use to cars and light vehicles -- please no heavy trucks. However I wholehearted support the earlier views that the hedges need cutting back to the road line. The lane is in urgent need of resurfacing too.
The junction near the Chinese restaurant is difficult for drivers joining the main road. It is an accute angle and a driver's vision is obstructed by the restaurant's hedge. A mini roundabout would help.

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